10 New Things You Can Do During This Lockdown

10 New Things You Can Do During This Lockdown

Already tired of this quarantine? I get your frustration and understand the need to do something productive in this hard time. You can’t go outside but you can do so many things from sitting inside your home. Social distancing is a way to fight this pandemic but the following 10 things are a way to fight this growing irritation and boredom. 

One can do almost anything while being stuck at home, pursue a hobby, learn a new skill, prepare for an exam, or catch up on some reading. Here we list out 10 things one can do while being stuck at home. 

So enjoy this list and pick your favorite ones. 

Workout – at home

Many people complain about not getting the time to exercise and work out, people are busy with their high paced lives and don't get enough exercise. Well the lockdown presents a big opportunity for those who want to work out and get fitter


  1. For my gym-going friends who have to sit at home now and my couch-potato friends too – here’s a task for you. Stand up from the couch and get those muscles working. You would be surprised by how many fitness equipment you can find just lying around in your home. 
  2. Mopping the floor, washing the dishes, dancing with the family members, or just a plain ground workout. You have to sweat it out and keep yourself fit and healthy.



Pick that book

Remember that book you promised to start reading when you had the time? Well, now is that time. Books are a great way to learn something and also keep you entertained. Reading a book takes you into a world of its own and helps you learn about things you wouldn't experience otherwise.

  1. Pick any book, fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, romance, thriller, historical, or even something more academic. You can even read a self-help book or something light to keep your mental health in check. If you are not big on reading, you can watch TV series.
  2. Netflix, people, I am talking about Netflix. There are so many cool series and movies. You can watch documentaries even. They are educational and will quench your thirst for visual aids. 

Learn to cook a new dish 


Not only is cooking a necessary life skill but it is also a fun activity, this lockdown provides you with a great opportunity to expand your cooking skills beyond Maggi and sandwiches.

  1.  Learn a new dish. If you are quarantined with your parents – ask them to teach you and turn it into a fun activity which you can enjoy as a family.
  2. You can also use YouTube. It is a great teacher! If you already know how to cook, try cooking a new dish. Challenge your inner master chef. Do remember to eat healthy and yummy food. 


Get you summer wardrobe sorted

Summer is just around the corner and what better time to get your clothes sorted out than now?

  1. Dig deeper, clear out those cupboards that you visit only once a year, and make some space for all the shopping you will do once everything is restored to normal. 
  2. Get to each room in your home one after another, clean them – you accomplish 2 things at once. You get a fitness workout and you also keep your home clean.
  3. Choose your style for the summer, and sort out your wardrobes, give out your old clothes to those in need and buy some new and trendy summer clothing for yourself.


Learn a new instrument

I remember the time when knowing how to play guitar was considered the coolest thing in school. Didn’t you always want to learn one? 

Well, now you have the time to do that. Pick an instrument, anyone that you have at your home, and learn to play it from the Internet. 

If you don’t have an instrument, try some singing. Well, I won’t tell you to register yourself in the next Indian Idol chapter but you sure can become more than a bathroom singer. Learning any new instrument takes effort, but once you do it would be the envy of your friends, and you would be the highlight of the next party.


Learn a new skill 

Because of the coronavirus and because you must stay indoors at all times, you have plenty of time to learn a new skill. There are loads of online courses available and many of them are absolutely free. Pick any subject or a skill, find a good course online, and learn about it.

 I just took a History course being a computer science person and it was so worth it. There’s so much to learn about the world; fascinating and mind-boggling things. 

You can learn any new skill, it doesn't have to be academic, you can learn to dance, sing, cook anything you want you can learn about.

You need to stay updated with the recent news given the situation but remember to have fun and learn new and exciting things 

Get in touch with long lost friends

I have talked about things that cover your physical and mental health. Reading and learning new things. But here’s a fun thing to do when everything feels so bleak. Connect and communicate. 

Thanks to this magical thing, we call the Internet, you can chat and have a video call with anyone with a phone and internet in their hands. I know it’s far from a one-on-one meeting, but this social distancing thing can be a chance to connect with friends you have lost touch with because of hectic schedules over a video call. 

Reconnecting with people and staying connected with the outside world can be a huge point in maintaining your mental health.  


Do puzzles and riddles

You may still feel the need to do something exciting. Challenging your adventurous self may not be viable at this time but challenging your inner Sherlock Holmes can help you with this.

  1.  You can do some crossword puzzles, solve some riddles, read mystery novels, or do some aptitude questions. It will help keep your brain – your gray cells – working constantly, giving it its own workout. 
  2. Doing various puzzles, and working on some fun aptitude quizzes won't just help you in passing the time, but would help in sharpening your mind and prepare you for a better future.


Don’t forget to do your work

All these activities are important but so is your job. Not only your job is helping you pay your bills but this is undoubtedly a hard time. Things are slow and we need to do everything in our power to keep things moving. 

  1. Being kind, doing your work, helping out others – it’s all connected and you need to carve out time for all of it. 
  2. The economy is failing and various sectors have taken a really bad hit, you working not only helps you and your family but helps the economy as well benefits those who have lost their job and are less privileged.


Work on that idea you had for so long

You may have had an idea that you always wanted to work on but you just couldn’t find the time. Well, now you can. You might want to write a blog or even have your own startup. Big or small, whatever your idea may be, start working on it. 

As days are passing, staying put in one place is becoming more and more difficult. Keeping yourself busy is probably the best thing you can do right now to not think about it. 

Make a combination out of the 10 things mentioned in the list, if all of them together sounds too much, and stick to it. Getting out of the bed, getting into a routine, and following it religiously is the mantra!

               Stay safe and stay happy!


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